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Money Spells

Is your Financial Situation on life support?


Do you want money to flow towards you instead of away from you?  


Live a descent life, have anything or spend on anything or go anywhere?????


Am sure your answer is “Yes” and trust me on this! Without money there is no way you would do all that. 






If you truly wish to acquire luxurious possessions and have the leisure time to enjoy them, then the way forward is to have Powerful Money Spells cast.


Money Spells are cast by those who are focused on accumulating wealth and big sums of money.  Effective money Spells must always be cast on a Thursday since its the day of Jupiter hence Jupiter is associated with Money. Before casting casting a money spell, you must visualize that money flowing in unconditionally from all corners of the Universe as well imagining where its supposed to come from! 


How to cast Money Spells


When i receive your request, i will send you all that’s needed which includes:-

A thread

Two candles

Sandawana oil

Patchouli incense 

And a written parchment note


Per your request i will choose a Thursday which is the day of Jupiter and perform a special prayer with guidance from my ancestral spirits to help me find a proper planetary hour of Jupiter as per your longitude and latitude. As you carefully follow the instructions i sent, you will get a dollar bill, attach it to the parchment written note and place them on a table, anoint both candles with oil, tie a thread on both candles and place them at a distance of 8 inches apart. The green candle representing money followed by the white candle which represents you. 


money-spellsI will start with the process of casting your powerful money spells for 8 days at the same planetary hour of Jupiter that the ancestors will have chosen for you.


The candles will burn for 8 consecutive days you move the white candle an inch closer to the green candle as you follow my instructions and on the last day which will also be a Thursday the candles will touch hence finishing with the process of casting your spell.


On the 9th day i will cast your spell one last time to double its effect while you read out loud the following words:-  


Jupiter lord of cash money,

Bring to me your wealth soon

All your will provide my purse can hold

In abundance may i be enriched in the best of ways

Not even harming a single note on its way to me, come 


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Herbalist healer Omar


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