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Am Adam an internationally renowned herbalist healer, Psychic and spell caster who uses formidable psychic skills to enhance the lives of people all over the world with the help of ancestral powers.

I practice with  African traditional herbs and am able to fulfill different social and political role in the community which include:-


Narrating the past ( Foretelling)


Healing physical, emotional and spiritual illness,


Solving marriage problems, bringing back lost lovers


And most of all casting money spells to help you succeed financially.  



I have been practicing for over 20 years helping people, cured diseases, cast spells and even provided a meaningful reason to humans as why they shouldn’t lose hope no matter how hard the situation is because

“There is no permanent situation in this Life”



A  true healer is someone who has been through initiation, inducted by an expert in the field of herbs and undergoes rigorous training of healing courses.


For instance Bringing Back Lost Lovers

when you come to me for help that you need to strengthen your relationship or bring back your lost lover, i will offer you a love portion mixed with medication from plants, animal and minerals – imbued with spiritual significance to open up communication channels between the two of you so that you both can speak about what is causing tension but i will still go further and establish the root cause of the breakup and fix it as well.

Read more here:- https://www.holisticherbalists.com/love-spells/


Money Spells to Multiply money or  clear debts


Is your Financial Situation on life support?


Do you want money to flow towards you instead of away from you?


Do you need luxurious possessions and have the leisure time to enjoy them,


Am sure your answer is “Yes” and trust me on this! Without money there is no way you would do all that.

Money spells are used either in a Magic Ring or  Magic Wallet.

Whichever you ask for will be used depending on the goal you want to achieve


My treatment is usually holistic with a powerful symbolism of spiritual powers therefore a once off ointment will not do the trick ie. there is no quick-fix solution. You need to be patient, maximum number of days to see results is 2 to 3 days. 










Be very careful before you consult with anyone claiming to a healer. I have several incidents of people losing money and ending up in debts because of bogus / fake traditional healers. 


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