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Money Spells

Money Spells are chants used to attract money and usually cast by people who are focused on accumulating wealth and big sums of money


Most successful people call upon the world of magic to bring real money …


I too have been able to achieve most of my goals in life by relying on spells that work, that is why i have decided to share my knowledge with people who are struggling financially and share with the them the secrets that have made me rich.


There is nothing worse than working hard at a job and watching your entire paycheck get devoured by bills. Let’s face it, after a while it can become depressing. 


Good things don’t happen in life randomly. Instead, we attract them through our thoughts and intentions. That is why calling upon the right kind of energy definitely attracts wealth and Money.


So how do Money Spells work


Money spells are used either in a Magic Ring or  Magic Wallet.

Whichever you ask for will be used depending on the goal you want to achieve.


Most importantly

Remember we do not sacrifice people during the process of getting wealth.


The first thing to remember when you ready to ask assistance from me is to make sure you need the money to solve a specific problem. Not just because you are greedy and need money to show off that you are rich.


What i mean is that you must do this spell for something you really need.


If you need “1 Million Rands” then you better have the desire for what you are going to do with that 1 Million Rand, and during the mediation process or casting of the money spell we shall focus on the money and what you are going to use it for.


The process takes only 3 days depending on your luck.

Then when we are done casting the money spell,  the money will be deposited direct into your account  same day or we can perform an overnight ritual and the money will be delivered to your house.


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Do Money Spells Work? 


There’s an idea from books and television that casting spells is just a matter of saying the right words or buying the right magick candle.

The reality is, successful spell casting is less about using a set of “magick words” and more about cultivating a certain amount of spiritual discipline and power that can then be put to work for you if you know how to channel it.

  1. Lady Sable Aradia’s “The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power” is an excellent introduction to how modern witches cultivate the mental and spiritual skills necessary to work magick, as well as some tips for how to use those skills most effectively that she’s picked up over decades of trial and error.Tldr; “Casting a spell” with high effectiveness is not as simple as learning a magick phrase or buying a magick candle. The whole reason why “magick words” and “magickal objects” work for the people who use them is that they have a certain level of spiritual cultivation and a certain level of background understanding of why those things work.Using the words or objects without that is kind of like imitating a ballerina, doctor, or any other skilled profession after having seen one on TV and expecting it to turn out well. You can’t expect good results from a skilled craft unless you take the time to acquire the skills.
  2. You did the spell, and nothing else. Maybe you did a spell for a new or higher-paying job, but you haven’t put together a resume or sent out any applications or put effort into learning how to present yourself as a good candidate for the job you want.The Universe can try to drop things in your lap, but it’s only going to try so hard. If you’re not putting yourself in a position where people who are hiring for the job you want will see you, or if you’re coming across as really unprofessional, even the most magickal influence is likely going to have trouble convincing someone to hire you.One school of thought about money spells is that one of the primary ways that they work is actually by increasing your confidence and ability to go out there and find jobs, clients, or other ways of making money.If that’s the case (I think it is), then your biggest asset post spell-casting is your own super-charged ability to do whatever is necessary to make your intent come true.
  3. The spell worked – just not in the way you wanted it to. Sometimes, really not in the way you wanted it to.I’ve known of more than one case where a family did a spell for money – and then within a year or so had a family member acquire a horrific injury or disability that resulted in large insurance or lawsuit payouts.Did the spell work? Technically yes. Was it the result they wanted? Not even a little.That’s why experienced spellcasters advise people to, at least, include the phrase “an it harm none” in the wording and intent of their spell. You really don’t want to solve one problem at the cost of causing an even bigger one.


Is your Financial Situation on life support?


Do you want money to flow towards you instead of away from you?  


Am sure your answer is “Yes” and trust me on this! Without money there is no way you would do all that. 


instant money spell







How to cast Money Spells


Effective money Spells must always be cast on a Thursday since its the day of Jupiter hence Jupiter is associated with Money. Before casting casting a money spell, you must visualize that money flowing in unconditionally from all corners of the Universe as well imagining where its supposed to come from! 


i receive your request, i will send you all that’s needed which includes:-

A thread

Two candles

Sandawana oil

Patchouli incense 

And a written parchment note


Per your request i will choose a Thursday which is the day of Jupiter and perform a special prayer with guidance from my ancestral spirits to help me find a proper planetary hour of Jupiter as per your longitude and latitude. As you carefully follow the instructions i sent, you will get a dollar bill, attach it to the parchment written note and place them on a table, anoint both candles with oil, tie a thread on both candles and place them at a distance of 8 inches apart. The green candle representing money followed by the white candle which represents you. 


I will start with the process of casting your powerful money spells for 8 days at the same planetary hour of Jupiter that the ancestors will have chosen for you.


The candles will burn for 8 consecutive days you move the white candle an inch closer to the green candle as you follow my instructions and on the last day which will also be a Thursday the candles will touch hence finishing with the process of casting your spell.


On the 9th day i will cast your spell one last time to double its effect while you read out loud the following words:-  


Jupiter lord of cash money,

Bring to me your wealth soon

All your will provide my purse can hold

In abundance may i be enriched in the best of ways

Not even harming a single note on its way to me, come 


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



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To set up the altar, cover the surface with a cloth of your liking and begin by placing items that ignite your faith. Most altars hold symbols of the four classical elements which are lined with the four principal directions.

In the north aspect of your altar, place a bowl of soil or sand to represent earth, an incense stick in the east representing air, a candle or piece of charcoal in the south for fire and a bowl of water in the west.

You can also use goddess candles, or other idols that are a part of your tradition, and set them on the altar as you see fit. You can also place the tools used in your spells on the altar.